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Discovering the Inner Beauty Junky

I first found out about Benefit’s She Laq by way of mindless blog-surfing and just had to get my hands of it as the idea of unsmugdable eyebrow make-up was too good to be true. Benefit here don’t carry this … Continue reading

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life gets mundane every now and then

Getting started with the acrylic pops of colour. Acrylic is much faster drying than oil and leaves little time for touching up Bring on the bling Guerlain Meteorites transplanted to an Ikea glass jar It’s raining, it’s pouring

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I Feel Bad About My Neck

I’ve never been one to give much thought to aging or anti-aging skin care. For a long while, eye-cream was the only anti-aging step in my skin care ‘routine’. I started with this only a few years back after a … Continue reading

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