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Material Posessions

Though I haven’t joined her support group, I’ve been hugely inspired from a distance by Joslyn’s resolution for (the first bit of) 2009 to “Don’t buy anything new”. This spending hiatus has a support group with progress tracked on her … Continue reading

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Inherently Stylish

I think Michelle Obama is inherently stylish and has got this subtle but always-present awareness of aesthetics. I love checking out her outfits; always classic but never boring and promises a burst of colour every so often. She doesn’t attempt … Continue reading

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Do you come across, every now and then, items which evoke hope that they may cause life to become more organised, less cluttered and prettier? from the regional assembly of text via toujours dimanche

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I love Kate Spade!

All images katespade dot com

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slicing away at the unhealthy qualities, from shyness and lack of confidence to…

Extracted from The Red Book by Sera Beak When I first encountered the fierce Hindu goddess Kali by way of a vibrant poster that one of my professors had pinned up on the blackboard, I was immediately hit by a … Continue reading

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What to do with scraps of fabric

I got a bunch of fabric scraps from a friend some years ago. The fabric scraps had been bought for cheap at a (flea) market of sorts in Sydney when she was in university there and had since sat unused. … Continue reading

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Re-construction, De-construction

I’ve had this sewing machine for probably 3 years now, but it hasn’t seen much daylight during this time. I took it out from storage and set it up yesterday and have been sewing non-stop! Mostly de-constructing and re-constructing old … Continue reading

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