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stream of consciousness / gleaning of knowledge

google: 500 Days of Summer > zooey deschanel > franny & zooey > JD Salinger > Glass Family > Zachary Martin “Zooey” Glass – He is characteristically misanthropic which he attributes to Seymour and Buddy’s imposition of their college-age infatuation … Continue reading

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D * s c o v e r y

Have you stumbled upon a blog which you had never seen before (or seen linked up elsewhere) which, at first sight, makes you sit up a bit straighter, lean in a little closer and scroll just a bit faster? 🙂 … Continue reading

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I think back and try to recall what on earth I did with all my time a few years back when I was 20. The girlies these days start so young and seem to have endless creativity and resourcefulness and … Continue reading

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Some nice things

Andrea Joseph’s illustrations are amazing – almost photo-like precision. Absolute talent and effort. I never fail to be inspired by her work. These interiors are a little bit hotel-esque in style, but I love the clean, plush, white, white, white … Continue reading

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Kyurii dot com

I’m not exactly a big fan of the local online-shop scene which is largely dominated by livejournal chicas selling similar-ish stuff whilst pursuing some form of tertiary education. Kyurii is, however, an exception. Perhaps because they’re not entirely based here. … Continue reading

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Found: a new love

J a m i e W e a r s B l a c k

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Some of my favouritest images from around the www

Cherry Blossom Girl’s shoes Lily French’s cosmetics stuff Not only is Krisatomic talented She has the nicest stuff and receives the most enviable presents!

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