I Feel Bad About My Neck

I’ve never been one to give much thought to aging or anti-aging skin care.

For a long while, eye-cream was the only anti-aging step in my skin care ‘routine’. I started with this only a few years back after a friend, while gesturing to the skin around her eyes, remarked “certain things are reversible, but once you get a wrinkle, it’s permanent.”

Recently, after hearing some other friends talk extensively about UV, pigmentation and how these really damage skin, I’ve thrown sunblock into the skin care equation.

My Mother’s always said that the clearest signs of a woman’s age are visible around the eyes, neck and hands. After recently watching the Sex & the City episode where Samantha Jones hooks up with a much younger guy and he tells then her that she has the cutest lines in her neck, I am convinced and quickly fish out a travel-sized ‘advanced anti-aging neck cream’ I just got in a Clarins gift pack. You can bet I’ve been slathering that on.

All About the Pretty says about her neck “The situation is realizing that at the moment it looks great, but the day will come when it doesn’t so I’m slathering on this product to slow down that day. I believe in preventive beauty medicine such as beginning your skincare routine before you see any signs.” Mentions this book called I Feel Bad About My Neck which I’m curious to read – it sounds like it could be a laugh.

I recently sped though both of Khaled Hosseini’s books (Kite Runner and A Thousand Splended Suns), the first of which I thought was one of the best book’s I’ve read in a long time – it had me in tears many times over.

Right now I’m reading Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things. After these serious books, I think something titled “I feel bad about my neck” may be in order!

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