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My hobbies include

Keep painting, and painting…and painting Fatigue from too much still life. No better way to get acquainted with the medium, I guess. Collars, collars – take your pick. I like the sailor style best. The benefits of being friends with … Continue reading

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The need to be expressively creative

I’m so very pleased with my sewing accomplishments. Have completed 2 (proper & orthodox) skirts, so far, in class, the second of which nearly killed my eyes, being a linen herringbone, making the weave very tough to work with for … Continue reading

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Material Posessions

Though I haven’t joined her support group, I’ve been hugely inspired from a distance by Joslyn’s resolution for (the first bit of) 2009 to “Don’t buy anything new”. This spending hiatus has a support group with progress tracked on her … Continue reading

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What to do with scraps of fabric

I got a bunch of fabric scraps from a friend some years ago. The fabric scraps had been bought for cheap at a (flea) market of sorts in Sydney when she was in university there and had since sat unused. … Continue reading

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Re-construction, De-construction

I’ve had this sewing machine for probably 3 years now, but it hasn’t seen much daylight during this time. I took it out from storage and set it up yesterday and have been sewing non-stop! Mostly de-constructing and re-constructing old … Continue reading

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Sewing, finally!

A year or two ago, I bought a sewing machine for $100+ on sale at Courts in the hope of successful self-taught sewing. That didn’t happen. If I had the luxury of time (and other resources), I would choose to … Continue reading

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