Discovering the Inner Beauty Junky


I first found out about Benefit’s She Laq by way of mindless blog-surfing and just had to get my hands of it as the idea of unsmugdable eyebrow make-up was too good to be true.

Benefit here don’t carry this product but I was fortunate to have a friend bring this home for me from the US.

SheLaq is pricey for sure (US$30) but it works!! Magic. Keeps eyebrow make-up in place for a day-long pronounced brow look! yayy!

I’ve never seen this product in Asia before but yesterday, taking a walk though Watson’s, I came across a Japanese equivalent for $16!!! ARGH!

But it’s a smaller bottle and after 6 horus of wear today, I can say it’s nowhere as powerful as the almight SheLaq.

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