I’m always so happy and excited to come across the thinking fashionista. As they’re few and far between; perhaps also because many of us don’t openly expound on life and the likes simply because its not the easiest conversation to get started in most settings.

I read La Couturier regularly and its one of my regular online fashion doses. Today I came across this post where she’s talking about philosophy and how ‘wisdom begins in wonder.’ I’m always struck to discover the philosophical dimension/depth of the fashionista and I never fail to be awed.

Wisdom in every aspect, knowledge inclusive, indeed begins in wonder. It is wonder that makes us homo sapien sapiens (to be technical), and not another type of species. Because without a sense of wonder, of curiosity, and of imagination, we would not be where we are. We are creatures of inquiry. We look, touch, see, smell, listen, and then t h i n k about all those things.

And after we think and question, we f e e l . Even the most practical-minded cannot deny that he or she is guided by emotions. It is yet another characteristic that sets us apart from others; humans think with their heart, not with their mind. A downfall, perhaps, to be swayed by how we feel. But nonetheless, human nature. ‘Tis a beautiful thing, feeling.

Check her out here.


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Words from the Universe

‘Today is whatever I want it to mean,
Today is whatever I want it to mean.
It’s like living in the middle of the ocean,
With no future, no past,
And everything that’s good right now,
Well, I don’t wish for it to last.
I’ll step through brilliant shades,
Every color you bring,
Cause this time, this time, this time,
Is fine just as it is.’

– Lyrics from Beth Orton’s ‘Central Reservation’.

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One Response to thinketh

  1. La Couturier says:

    Aww, thank you so, SO much for the feature! (: I feel so honored to be written about in such a way!

    La C.

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