Passive-Agressive Behaviour

So I’m listening to this new podcast called Zenisstupid (which I’m finding very interesting and also informative) and there’s an episode (#27 on transformation) where they talked about receiving flaming comments from listeners/readers etc. I think naturally people in such a situation, upon reading the comment, would automatically get hurt, then angry, then defensive. Perhaps all in a split second. So the Gwen half of Zenisstupid says that she immediately catches herself getting almost kinda like agressive angry then she consciously tells herself let it go by bringing the mind away from the emotion and to something else. Which the Partrick-half responds by saying this is much healthier then how some people might react by completely shutting the content out (i.e. quashing the emotion by forcing self to ignoring) and thinking that they’re above it all which leads to passive-aggressive behavior. I totally agree with this and I’ve actually noticed peoples’ reactions to negative external stimulus and really, when there’s a fierce dog barking outside the door, and its just left to bark and one just shuts their ears (not physically possible. As is being above it all), the barking never goes away, it just gets stacked under defence and denial because it’s never taken and released. Hmmm. Once again just something which happens and is known but somehow never put in words.

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1 Response to Passive-Agressive Behaviour

  1. Nicole says:

    Love your blog and thank you so much for sharing this piece! I am looking forward to tuning into this podcast 🙂 Best, Nicole

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