How did these GUYS get so sophisticated?

Sometimes life gets really mundane – zero inspiration from anything. at. all. Negative motivation to do. anything. at all.

and then. something pops up!

The impeccably stylish Bagaholic Boy says of his latest featured character:-

The other featured people on Bagaholic boy have the most drool-worthy stuff like Birkin bags, Leica cameras and Vertu phones. Also, they all seem to make men’s shoes appear quite beautiful! How did that happen to the beat-up, black leather, worn daily, one-of-a-total-of-4-pairs-of-footwear-owned shoe?

I somehow get the impression that these style-conscious guys subscribe to the ‘quality over quantity’ principle. They seem to know exactly what they like and they splurge on it. Isn’t such simplicity much better than what us girls tend to do – have 50 pairs of shoes which were all on sale, slight off-size, not entirely desired but affordable etc

Another thing is, these guys all seem to know exactly what the good stuff is!

image 1 – | images 2, 3,4 – Bagaholic Boy

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