Coincidence? w.r.t. Hermann Hesse.

I very recently read Hermann Hesse’s Siddhharta and was completely struck. Of course, I now feel the urge to read more of Hesse’s work, but hadn’t really thought about which one to read next, though I really felt Siddharta still resonating very strongly.

So this morning I was reading the Australian Financial Review’s monthly supplement magazine and therein contained an interview with a Ms Amber Long; a glimpse:-

And then in my inbox today, this was to be found:-


Last night I suffered a strange bout of insomnia and felt the urge to start painting at 2am.

But then, I suddenly recalled, I couldn’t was I was out of white paint.

Then it came to my mind that I had come across a bunch of paints in a plastic bag in one of my lesser-opened drawers, which perhaps had been abandoned by my brother and were placed in my drawer by my mother, without my realisation.

And true enough, there was indeed. White, gold, silver, bronze, orange, green and cadmium and a few others!!

So I started painting.

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2 Responses to Coincidence? w.r.t. Hermann Hesse.

  1. leong huat says:

    i love your clouds and sky

  2. ren says:

    what colour is cadmium? pretty pic…

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