Have a good weekend!

How difficult is it to paint a SHOE, OMG. Help.


I came across this quote on Design Crush and found it to be quite touching.

I was wanting to paint an elephant, only, which I had envisioned to be in bright pops of colours. But the only ready-stretched canvas I had was really too big for just a singular elephant and I somehow decided to incorpoate bits of the quote above. Ta daa!


I read the whole of Siddhartha within 24 hours of getting it from a friend. It’s left haunting and long-lasting impressions. I like this book, a lot. Fit current frame of mind exactly.

And now I’m onto Fear of Flying and it’s definitely one of the better reads I’ve had of late:-

“Really, I thought, sometimes I would like to have a child. A very wise and witty little girl who’d grow up to be the woman I could never be. A very independent little girl with no scars on the brain or the psyche. With no toadying servility and no ingratiating seductiveness. A little girl who said what she meant and meant what she said. A little girl who was nether bitchy not mealymouthed because she didn’t hate her mother or herself.”

“…tried to explain how dishonest I felt for always using seductiveness to get what I wanted from men.”

“Women using sex appeal to manipulate men and suppressing their rage and never being open and honest.”

“When I look back on my not yet thirty-year-old life, I see all my lovers sitting alternately back to back as if in a game of musical chairs. Each one an antidote to the one that went before. Each one a reaction, an about-face, a rebound.”


Really. How do the Japanese churn out such style, in such voluminous treasure-troves we call magazines.

File for future reference. Mental Note for when I do start learning and playing golf!

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