Material Posessions

Though I haven’t joined her support group, I’ve been hugely inspired from a distance by Joslyn’s resolution for (the first bit of) 2009 to “Don’t buy anything new”. This spending hiatus has a support group with progress tracked on her blog and practically performs the exact functions a real-life support group would and, though digital in nature, seems to be very very powerful! I’m definitely still hugely inspired by the resolution which started it all, and we’re almost into March now! Cutting down on the impulse purchases or on buying stuff just for the (short-lived) satisfaction of a new acquisition to tote home in a shopping bag(s) is so healthy!

With my now-improving sewing skills and sewing machine set-up and readily accessible, I’ve taken to modifying, re-engineering and re-constructing (a tonne of) existing clothing which I haven’t worn in ages but just haven’t had the heart to throw out (I’m a pack-rat).

Honestly, who actually absolutely needs all those new material possessions? Not buying anything new (unnecessarily) is almost habituating into a lifestyle! Coincidentally, this results in greater budget for foOoOooOOd!!

I’m so satisfied with this non-purchasing PLUS re-cycling. On top of that all, I’ve been trying very hard to overcome my internal pack-rat by attempting to ruthlessly declutter my wardrobe and my room. I’ve put all my handbags into their dustbags to keep them clean and to lengthen their livespans generally; prior to which I cataloged these bags!! I’m so pleased with myself. This enables optimal outfit co-ordination and maximizes utilization of existing bags.

Imagine my shock when I came across this catalogue of EVERYTHING:-

By Simon Evans || via A Cup of Jo and Black Eiffel

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One Response to Material Posessions

  1. tammy says:

    WHOA. crazy cool. is that what you’re doing for garage sale.

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