Re-construction, De-construction

I’ve had this sewing machine for probably 3 years now, but it hasn’t seen much daylight during this time. I took it out from storage and set it up yesterday and have been sewing non-stop! Mostly de-constructing and re-constructing old clothing and some linen. So far:-

(1) cut up and hemmed a few pairs of trousers into shorts, some with large cuffs. Life in the tropics doesn’t call for trousers, especially not the tweed ones, which I’ve had from living in more winter-y climates.

(2) shortened some sweat-pants into capri-length for yoga (I kept stepping on and almost slipping on the hems)

(3) Converted a queen sized quilt-cover for the single quilt.

(4) Finally sewed the pink-checked lining of my laundry hamper basket into a proper lining with circular base and tube-like sides.

As I was sewing, Living Etc came on TV and the stylist was doing a photo-shoot with re-cycled stuff and was sharing a tip of glue stain removal using lighter fluid for glass jars and bottles saved from the kitchen. She says recycling is almost like a hobby and will be the new knitting. I found myself nodding.

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One Response to Re-construction, De-construction

  1. ren says:

    u r very very cool. show us the finished pdts! =)

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