Shanghai Lovin’

Just back from my Shanghai holiday. I love that city so much, I could live there! Good food, affordable tailors, one massage too many, DVDs galore! Haven’t been able to access this blog while in China as WordPress is blocked there!

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3 Responses to Shanghai Lovin’

  1. tammy says:

    where in SH did you go see puppies? sccchhooooo cute.

  2. songofstyle says:

    the food looks so delicious!!!
    and the puppies are sooooooooooo coote but why are they squished together??? poor puppies. i want them all!!

  3. debonaire says:

    The puppies were at a market stall in Nanjing. It was so cold and they were just left to huddle up amongst themselves! Poor lil pups. About US $80 each. The Siberian Huskies and a cinammon coloured poodle pups got their own cages though…and the piglet was in a glass case together with a white guinea pig! haha In China, anything goes!

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