Carried away

I really am meant to be revising, focussed and efficient about it seeing as I don’t have much time left and two (more) exams coming up. Then. The printer cartridge ran out. Perfect timing. Exams are open book and for sure I need all this material manifest into hard-copies.

I head out to the shops nearby to get a new cartridge and end up (1) getting an express manicure for $17, Take Me to The Taj On Time! (2) peeking into the craft shop filled to the brim with lovely crafty rubber stamps, ink pads, stencils, scented candles, the works. and bought one stamp and one black ink-pad. I only have a long multi-coloured one from my teenage years, which still works today! Good stuff. (3) 2 highlighters and a fantastic Uni Ball Jetstream sport in blue 1.0 {I am very well versed in stationery and confess to be a over-compulsive pen buyer} (4) a blank ink cartridge for the printer.

I blame this compulsive purchasing on too long a time spent in reclusive revision.

Love love love walking into a shop to find that its being manned by its owner who had stocked it with love and knows every item in there 🙂

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One Response to Carried away

  1. jaime says:

    thank you darling! hehe i love stationaries and pens also! i just love buying them, but i always end up not using them haha 🙂

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