Hons and Rebels

Books find their way onto my to-read list in various ways. Hons and Rebels by Jessica Mitford caught my interest when I found out that it is J.K. Rowling’s favourite book (credit goes to Wikipedia for this nugget of information). I was suddenly inspired and Wikipedia-searching for J.K. Rowling after reading, watching and blogging about her very touching Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination.

I’m progressing through Hons and Rebels at a low speed due to (1) other commitments and (2) a need to relish a good book slowly. So far, I’m absolutely loving it. A good book is way hard to come by.

“I amused myself by giving my father daily Palsy Practice, which consisted of gently shaking his hand while he was drinking his tea: ‘In a few years, when you’re really old, you’ll probably have palsy. I must give you a little practice now, before you actually get it, so that you won’t be dropping things all the time.”

Decca Mitford grew up in a family of six sisters and one brother, Tom. “The main activities of the Hons was to plan the outwitting and defeat of the Horrible Counter-Hons, of which Tom was the chief representative. ‘Death to the Horrible Counter-Hons!’ was our slogan as we chased him all over the house with home-made spears.”

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2 Responses to Hons and Rebels

  1. jaime says:

    mmm this sounds really interesting! i’ve been looking for some good books to read, as of now, i’m in love with paulo coehlo’s books, it’s so simple, yet it moves and inspires me deeply. haha sorry for my little rambling here 🙂

  2. debonaire says:

    i L O V E paulo coelho’s books! and i over-quote his blog over here!

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