Why makes Barack Obama special?

Larry King: OK, obviously, he’s special. I mean his critics would say he’s special. His opponents would say it. What is it? What does he have?

Michelle Obama: He’s a great orator. He’s inspirational. He’s brilliant, all of that. But you know what? He’s a good man. He’s, first of all, my best friend. He’s a phenomenal support to me and the girls. I mean this is a guy who, in the midst of this race, hasn’t missed a parent/teacher conference, you know. This is the stuff that I look at. He took the girls trick or treating. He came home for a day to buy the Christmas tree. He took me out for our anniversary. I mean, you know, he is just…It’s he’s consistent. It’s just his character, you know?

And there is a warmth and a sincerity and an authenticity. And he’s also somebody who is not going to just tell you what you think you want to hear. He’s always going to play it straight and tell you what he thinks. He’s going to be honest with you.

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