I find that general information sources and knowledge sources are:-

1. newspaper(s)

2. television (i fit squarely within the definition of ‘channel surfer’ – Discovery Travel and Living, CNN, BBC, Asian Food Channel, Bio Channel, Style Channel, CNBC. I also love Boston Legal, Cashmere Mafia, Lipstick Jungle, SATC, Grey’s Anatomy and even Private Practice!)

3. books (love!)

4. the internet (google has the answers. wikipedia too)

5. magazines (a cause of my cashflow problem)

6. generally keeping eyes and ears open and putting 2 and 2 together

7. hear-say

8. divine inspiration (?)


I know people who rely mostly on #6 and somehow manage to form huge oceans of knowledge, though usually on a specific area of interest. These people are usually quite sharp in observation and have fixed and distinct areas of interest. They seem to already know what’s featured in the media in relation to their interests.

I also know people a lot of people who learn most new things through item #7 above – These people I don’t understand. #1, #2 and #3 don’t really rank on their lists. I’m also wary of relying on what I hear from them as, hey, wouldn’t this be like, 5th hand information by the time I hear it.

My greatest curiosity of all, is how the bulk of people get by without reading either the newspaper or books?

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2 Responses to Infomation

  1. ren says:

    1. i only read todayonline and sunday times. thats it.
    2. all women channel-surf like men already mah. in particular u n me. i watch ANYTHING (unless its news/sports) haha
    3. books – zero.
    4. internet – technicalli my newspaper comes under there. i google EVERYTHING. so yes im not very patient with untech frenli pple
    5. my nw and 8days are a weekly must-have or withdrawal symptoms str8away
    6. r u juz trying to get me to admit im kepo? yes im rather ‘observant’
    7. 6 and 7 slightly related yes? tho 7 is more defined as gossip. which then can be linked to pt 5… haha

    um with regard to ur qn, i feel its a matter of wat these pple r interested in. they can get their bite-size news focused on their interests via the internet so why sieve thru pages of irrelevant issues and get their hands dirty. literally. books… um, attention span i suppose. i can sit n read my mags for hrs. but for books, i lose interest and dont finish it. oh well.

  2. debonaire says:

    #6 is not abt you la!!!!!!!!! anyhow.

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