Bar Bar Black Sheep

Bar Bar Black Sheep
879 Cherry Avenue

Back when I was slaving away in shirtsleeves and pencil skirts before a computer for an average of 12 hours a day, money came and went easily. Our usual haunts for ‘one drink’ included the pubs along the river, Post Bar @ the Fullerton, Martini Bar @ the Hyatt (if someone had a car that day), Wine Company on Evans et cetera. We never minded too much about the $2 premium we paid for each drink, trading off for convenience.

These days, I’ve been finding myself at Bar Bar Black Sheep a fair bit. Close to school, close to home. Hogaarden at $10 a pint. Asahi bottles $6. Though I have had bad experiences with the draught beer here, I still go and will be sticking to the bottled beer selection going forward.

The other day, we decided to dine there as well. They’ve got an Indian place, a Thai place and a burger/pasta place. Each a stall in this comfy corner coffeeshop. The Indian food was YUMMY. Proper naan and dahl and butter chicken! We go about 4 dishes for $37. I was very happy to have found good Indian food in my own backyard!

The Thai food looked fantastic as well on other tables around. Will try that next time.

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4 Responses to Bar Bar Black Sheep

  1. ren says:

    the thai food is not very exciting i ate b4.

    the indian food’s fab… good naans and bryanis and the western ones good (rem ur aglio olio) best is still the beer =)

  2. debonaire says:

    today i had Aglio Olio at wine company for lunch between classes….its the thing i order when im not too hungry !!!

  3. Bernard says:

    Hi, you mentioned bad experiences with the tap beers. May i know why?

  4. debonaire says:

    not cold enough

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