Kha at HortPark

33 Hyderabad Road
Singapore 119578
+65 6476 9000

Yenn Wong strikes again, this time its a Thai restaurant smack in the middle of a horticultural park in the Alexander area.

Food: Thai food, thai ingredients prepared and served with western influence. Eg, the traditionally hot and sour Tom Yam Goong is more sweet than sour here, and each serving has a singular king prawn in it.

Crowd: I thought it would have been extremely coupley but turned out it was more family, highly expat and also very chilled.

Ambiance: Nice! Our table was by the water feature: a large, shallow infinity pool. The al fresco dining area blends into the horticultural park and there were still visitors and tourists milling around till late.

Cocktails: weak.

Service: I’m sure they would have gotten better by the next time.

Price: $$$.5

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One Response to Kha at HortPark

  1. tammy says:

    next time we must check back at thai e-sarn at sixth ave!
    i liked the tom yum here though.

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