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Singapore is well and truly a small place; wherever I go, I can count on bumping into someone I know, or be seen by someone and get asked “hey, were you at XYZ on ABCday?”

Note to self: ensure looking (at least) presentable at all times, even if its just a quick whiz through the supermarket to get a carton of milk.


Salon.com’s Since You Asked column by Cary Tennis is sometimes engaging and always hilarious:-

I don’t know how to settle down. But I’m almost 30 and don’t want to waste my life!

“You may want to be a star. You may think that should be your goal. But I don’t think so. I think your goal should be to attain proficiency and excellence in your craft. The desire to be a star may be a vision that motivates you. You may benefit from visualizing yourself as a star. But for a goal you need something that is under your control. Proficiency and excellence in your craft is something you can actually attain. It may sometimes precede stardom, but it is never a guarantee of stardom. There is no guarantee of stardom. But there are guaranteed milestones of proficiency and excellence that are obtainable.”

“Having a goal makes your life a story. What is a story? It’s somebody who wants something and tries to get it. It’s what the person wanted and how he or she went about trying to get it. So you make your life a story. Then everything falls into place.”


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
– Albert Einstein


Note to self: declutter.

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