Peace Hotel

Wo Peng
476 MacPherson Road
Singapore 368191
Tel: 6747 9892

This restaurant takes on a lofty name, that of the famed hotel sitting on Shanghai’s Bund – Peace Hotel.

Wo Peng, cantonese for ‘Peace’, sits snugly in a row of shophouses in the MacPherson Aljunied area and is fitted out in the comfortable, old-school Chinese restaurant style. A style where not much thought is given to style. What’s put on the table and who sits around it matter more at a meal here.

I’ve been twice already. They have plans in mind for the shophouse unit next door, currently still being worked on. Till completion, the restaurant won’t be officially opened – its sign board is still wrapped in red paper. Yes, when I say old-school Chinese, I mean old-school Chinese.

We had the claypot rice (advanced order required), pork ribs, jellyfish and bright eyed fish herbal soup 🙂

Chinese table setting – a select frame

A peep into the kitchen

The spicy condiment is always awaiting on a meal table in Singapore

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