Pork Chop

Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice
57 Eng Hoon Street
Tai Kwang Huat coffee shop #01-88
>> Diagonally opposite the Tiong Bahrhu market escalators

>> About $6.50 for 2 people. 3 dishes.

I’d heard so much about this curry rice. Over drinks once, a friend was reminiscing about his lunch, “I went down to Tiong Bahru and bought two packets of curry pork chop rice. I ate one there and brought the other back to the office and ate it later on. I’m not very hungry now.”

I just had to try this much talked about ‘curry rice’ and its famous pork chop accompaniment.

Doesn’t get more local than this – a typical coffeshop scene. I like Tiong Bahru. It is alive yet laid back. Heartland yet not far-flung. Check out the mosaic floor tiles.

Washed down with a good ol’ black coffee. Kopi-O.

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