Yu Sai Shoku – Ramen!

Yu Sai Shoku
177 River Valley Road
Liang Court #B1-50

I had yet another ramen craving. It doesn’t go away. Found self at Yu Sai Shoku. It’s in the space formerly occupied by Tampopo. Yu Sai Shoku’s from the same folks who run IchibanTei. Didn’t spy any soft-serve ice-cream machine here though.

We got Ramen in the Tonkotsu broth and the Miso base. I should have gotten the Tonkotsu, too. It was real tasty. I don’t like the miso base much, it’s ordinary.

Oh, this ramen joint has kimchi as a condiment.

Hmm…everyone has a favourite Ramen joint. I reserve my opinion till I’ve tried them all. I haven’t been to Tampopo and some other less prominent places yet. So far though, I’d say Miharu tops my Ramen chart. Shares top spot with Baikohken.

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2 Responses to Yu Sai Shoku – Ramen!

  1. ren says:

    oh! i love ichibantei. cheap n good comfort food… but honestli i dun eat much there besides the tonkatsu ramen. the gyoza not very exciting leh girl… =)

  2. debonaire says:

    Yo Ren, whats your fave ramen? Ichibantei ain’t exactly cheap….say $20 pax? Ramen’s like that isn’t it.

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