Taste Paradise

Taste Paradise | 48 Mosque Street (Chinatown)

I’ve been to Taste Paradise a few times since it first begun business in January 2006. I remember I was very excited by the menu, the food and the fact that this was a modern chinese restaurant nestled in a row of old conservation shophouses smack in the middle of chinatown. Modernity amongst heritage. Also, it was often featured in the foodie pages of the newspapers and magazines.

I never fail to be excited, also, by business start-ups by young people. Each such start-up gives me hope that perhaps someday I may be able to venture myself.

I raved about Taste Paradise to friends, colleagues and anyone who asked for a ‘where to eat?’.

Had dinner there again recently, more than a year since my last visit. Excitement factor has slid down the scale. Perhaps there have been many more eateries and restaurants sprout up since. Perhaps fusion is no longer fresh and novel.

I would say, perhaps it’s turned into an old favourite; familiarity and consistency over novelty and excitement. However, I hesitate to say I’ll head back there again soon. I don’t like it where the restaurant staff, when asked what’s nice, immediately recommend a fish (priced according to daily market, of course) or shark’s fin soup. I ask what’s nice, what’s a specialty, not what’s the most expensive.

I have much admiration for genuine, sincere people. It’s a bit harder to form any good impression of individuals who compromise these qualities for pragmatism.

Nonetheless, the appetizer trio of Foie Gras, Wasabe Prawn on watermelon slice and the fishy thing remains as yummy as it was on Day 1

There’s lots of other yummy places on Mosque Street though, I like the Sze Chuan place much. Also, the Korean place looks inviting.

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