Sewing, finally!

A year or two ago, I bought a sewing machine for $100+ on sale at Courts in the hope of successful self-taught sewing. That didn’t happen.

If I had the luxury of time (and other resources), I would choose to do a full-blown fashion design course. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury.

However, I’m proud that I have now gotten off my lazy-fat-ass and into sewing (+ dressmaking) class!


60 Eu Tong Sen St
#03-29 Furama Hotel
Singapore 059804
Tel: 6221 3191

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6 Responses to Sewing, finally!

  1. ren says:

    i thk its fabulous! make sum dresses n wear the nex time we meet! cant wait to see…

  2. clara says:

    Can I design my dress and choose the favric and have you sew it? šŸ™‚

  3. debonaire says:

    Ren: OK, I shall speed up my learning process and cut right to the chase!

    Clara: I’m glad to see that you place much trust in my ability!

  4. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  5. fis says:

    hi dear,

    i would like to ask you regarding classes at kadomay, will u be able to reply me at my email address please? thanks!

    looking forward to your reply soon!

  6. Good for you! Sewing is a very relaxing hobby.

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