Louis Vuitton Motard Pochette

I am truly slow to catch on, but isn’t this bag beautiful?

The LV Motard collection is probably best remembered for its role in Sex & The City the movie, where SJ-CarrieBradshaw-P gave a Motard FireBird to Louise from St Louis (Jennifer Hudson).

See what I mean? I took a while.

That’s Motard Pochette above is in the arm of Geraldine Saglio, my new style icon. Understated chic, Parisian, no make-up, wash & go hair, simple, sophisticated, a look able to be thrown together in 5 minutes.

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One Response to Louis Vuitton Motard Pochette

  1. Joslyn says:

    that is a gorgeous bag and i totally agree about Geraldine Saglio…amazing style!

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