Confident, Creative & Unusual Women.

Heartening and uplifting to stumble upon such blog posts which remind that there is much more beyond the ordinary, mundane and mainstream out there.

“My greatest hope as a mother is to see my girls grow into confident, creative and perhaps even unusual women.” – Simple Lovely


Where unusualness, creativity, humour, wit, confidence and strong principles are what mothers hope for in children.

Such a breath of fresh air from the conventional expectations here in Singapore, where my observation is that parents would fear unusualness and where creativity is not something which is even thought about. Where rigid societal norms prevail.

I haven’t watched Juno, but it’s now top of the list of want-to-watch.

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2 Responses to Confident, Creative & Unusual Women.

  1. I agree, as a mother of two girls — who are already fighting the drama with other teenagers, created I suspect by their mother’s, women who never got a chance to be themselves and instead teach their daughters to claw to the top like they had — I want them to unusual, lovely and better to the world than I was. I love your blog. Thank you, you actually made my day!

  2. debonaire says:

    Thanks for the comment 🙂 There’s much inspiration to be found through the www isn’t there 🙂

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