Local Fashion

In my bookmarks, I have a folder of local fashion blogs/sites. I love these so so so much – so close to home, creative and definitely feed the news on our evolving local fashion scene.

1. Fashion Nation is my first click-to! Its updated at eon speed, with 101% passion for all things fashion

2. Soon Lee posts are nothing short of quality! Having been to their shop and gotten the blog URL off their card, I’ve been clicking to this fashion/boutique blog with much frequency.

3. Swirl. A ‘what i wore today’ blog by the Swirl girls. Fantastic ideas and they detail the sourse of each item of clothing pictured 🙂 I love the shop too. So quirky and unlike any other. We need much much more of such brave individuality in Singapore for sure.

4. Fashion is Spinach. Though not based in Singapore anymore, I still adore this Spinach and have left it in my Sg Fashion bookmarks folder 🙂

5. iLoveKyurii is the blog belonging to one of the ladies behind the Kyurii Shop from which I’ve bought some clothes before. The Kyurii Shop’s presentation of its clothes is unfailingly stylish.

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