lucky unlucky lucky

I have been TOTALLY slacko. Can’t be bothered to read anything for school.

Got a pedicure yesterday at Deb’s shop.

Separately, got a parking ticket at stupid Holland Village carpark. The summon lady was punching buttons on her machine for me already when my car came into view as I walked into the carpark. DAMN! Then she says “cannot cancel la…completed the transaction already.” YAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! She kept on punching the buttons as I talked to her and I’ll bet she pressed the damned return key only after I had descended upon her/my car!

I’d almost started to think that there’s no such thing as luck and that everything is within control (albeit sometimes indirect) and then after I got that dumb parking summon, a whole bunch of damn unlucky shite unfolds. I shall not got into depth.

Its been raining non-stop. Good for the backyard.

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