Since I’ve started school, my sleeping pattern has warped. I now sleep at close to 3am and wake up at an equally ungodly hour.

School life is a welcome change. It allows time and space for creativity to flourish, for interests to be pursued, for reading to be done at a more leisurely pace, for the chance to put my feet up with the day’s papers and a cuppa in the morning. ooooohhhh….total paradise compared to jumping out of bed after 5 snoozes, wash, change, smudge stuff on face, shovel down the food, coffee down in one swift gulp, hustle to the MRT station, fling self onto train, hop off at Raffles Place (though I don’t elbow my way out of the train in order to beat fellow passengers onto the escalator up), march through the underpass and up up up into the office, walk into my room, sit self down, drink water, peer into inbox and henceforth the day(s) unfolded.

School life has allowed me the time luxury of this blog!

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